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Healing is IMPORTANT because it allows us to regenerate and transition into the next part of our lives. It gets us ready.

But…to understand “healing” you must understand and acknowledge that healing is a PROCESS. Its not something you just choose to do one day or simply turn on a switch…

As emotional inner healing can’t be seen, its difficult to sometimes comprehend what exactly is going on. Having been through my own healing process, I like to relate Emotional Healing to that of Physical Healing…

Think about when you cut or have an injury, or wound… science tells us that a wound has 4 main stages of healing:

1- Hemostasis phase – this is when you’re bleeding, and the body’s emergency repair system kicks in…
EMOTIONAL HEALING:  this is like crying… being sad and feeling like you can’t stop the tears.

2- Inflammatory phase – this is where a certain type of white blood cells enter the wound to destroy bacteria and starts repairing the skin. Theres often reddening of the skin, heat and some pain/irritation.
EMOTIONAL HEALING:  when all the tears have dried up, and you just feel resentment and anger. Always frustrated and questioning of the fact why this happened to you.

3-  Proliferative phase – here, the wound is naturally cleaned out and the focus for the skin is to fill and cover the wound. The skin starts to rebuild itself.
EMOTIONAL HEALING: this can be compared to when you start to understand and gain clarity of the situation. You see the lessons behind the experience of the breakup. Acknolwegding what happened. Rebuilding the thought process.

4- Maturation Phase – where new tissue gains strength and flexibility. The skin remodel itself.
EMOTIONAL HEALING:  when you’ve “got over it”. Your thoughts, your responses have gone through a journey of remodelling and is now ready to transition into the next step in life. Here you find that you’ve learnt a lot about yourself.

What has the healing phases been like for you? Can you relate? ❤

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