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“Grounding” techniques are just that. It’s a way to bring you back to your sense of normality when you’re mentally distracted by something else that may be causing you distress.

We all go through it, some more than others. Think about that time when you’re trying to focus on your daily to do list, but there’s just that thought or scene playing at the back of your mind constantly taking you away from your present moment. Maybe it’s that breakup that never gave you closure. Maybe it’s constantly worrying about your job, or something your friend told you. Whatever it is, these simple techniques and exercises use mental distractions to help redirect your thoughts away from those distressing feelings and back to the present moment.

I’ve added 3 grounding techniques I use myself so feel free to try them out.

If during or after practicing the grounding technique, you find your mind shifts back to the overthinking, that’s OK. You might even feel more relaxed and may think about it clearer and see things from a new perspective. If it continues to spiral, repeat the grounding technique. You can also make them last longer. For example, if I’m finding it harder to let go of certain thoughts, I might pick a harder colour and look for 10 things. There are no hard rules here, it’s about what helps you to feel better!

For best results, it is advised to practice grounding techniques every day, at times when there is no stress at all or on things that are only slightly distressing. This means when harder times come around, you are more likely to remember to use the new tools you have.

The one thing I will say for sure is that if you’re looking for ways to manage the overthinking, the worrying… it will require you to do something different.

Let me know how you get on!

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