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International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day recognises that languages and multilingualism can advance inclusion.

Multilingual and multicultural societies exist through their languages which transmit and preserve traditional knowledge and cultures in a sustainable way.

My mother language is Urdu. A beautiful sweet indo-persian language with a mix of words from Arabic, persian and Turkish, used a lot in poetry.

For International Mother Language Day, I’m sharing my favourite urdu word… “Qismet” which means fate or destiny. I use this word a lot and it acts as a reminder to me that everything that happens is meant to happen (and is the will of God) and also whatever happens will always have a reason behind it whether we know of it or don’t.

International Mother Language Day is observed every year to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. What is your mother language and what’s your favourite word?

(This post is inspired by @halcyonmaguk who posted some amazing stories today for IMLD )

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