“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.”

I never really get time to take a walk anywhere. Since working from home became the norm, I found myself staying couped up in my home office all day. Whilst I got an occasional workout in and stayed active at home, I wasn’t able to get fresh air nor was I able to clear my mind.

So many things have happened over the past few months that seem to have completely occupied my headspace.

I went for a walk today because my mind hadn’t had any time to clear out its thoughts. All the thoughts that have accumulated over the past few weeks, any sad news, the media, not completing the things I wanted to, not reaching my goal…they just became  tenants in my mind. They weren’t doing me any justice and everyday id wake up feeling even more “mind heavy” than the day before. This isn’t a way to be.

Today, I took out literally 30 to 45 mins of my day to go for a nice long walk. I put in my headphones, wrapped up warm, got my trainers on and walked. I walked anywhere I could and even passed by the pharmacy to pick up a few things.

As soon as I got home, I felt happy. I felt like everything is OK. How did that happen? How did a little part of my day going for a walk, listening to music and not thinking about anything I had to do this afternoon, suddenly alter my very existence? Its times like this where I cant stress self care enough. Self care is used in so many discussions but no one ever tells you how to self care. The truth is, only you know how to. Your mind, body and soul have all the answers for you. Just don’t forget to listen.

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