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Healing is IMPORTANT because it allows us to regenerate and transition into the next part of our lives. It gets us ready.

But…to understand “healing” you must understand and acknowledge that healing is a PROCESS. Its not something you just choose to do one day or simply turn on a switch…

As emotional inner healing can’t be seen, its difficult to sometimes comprehend what exactly is going on. Having been through my own healing process, I like to relate Emotional Healing to that of Physical Healing…

Think about when you cut or have an injury, or wound… science tells us that a wound has 4 main stages of healing:

1- Hemostasis phase – this is when you’re bleeding, and the body’s emergency repair system kicks in…
EMOTIONAL HEALING:  this is like crying… being sad and feeling like you can’t stop the tears.

2- Inflammatory phase – this is where a certain type of white blood cells enter the wound to destroy bacteria and starts repairing the skin. Theres often reddening of the skin, heat and some pain/irritation.
EMOTIONAL HEALING:  when all the tears have dried up, and you just feel resentment and anger. Always frustrated and questioning of the fact why this happened to you.

3-  Proliferative phase – here, the wound is naturally cleaned out and the focus for the skin is to fill and cover the wound. The skin starts to rebuild itself.
EMOTIONAL HEALING: this can be compared to when you start to understand and gain clarity of the situation. You see the lessons behind the experience of the breakup. Acknolwegding what happened. Rebuilding the thought process.

4- Maturation Phase – where new tissue gains strength and flexibility. The skin remodel itself.
EMOTIONAL HEALING:  when you’ve “got over it”. Your thoughts, your responses have gone through a journey of remodelling and is now ready to transition into the next step in life. Here you find that you’ve learnt a lot about yourself.

What has the healing phases been like for you? Can you relate? ❤

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We are often fed with misconceptions that self care is a spa day out, or a weekend getaway. I mean these are some great indulgences but they’re not totally self care.

We are often left chasing these perfect self care experiences and truth is, they don’t actually restore us at all. For me personally, booking a spa weekend is stressful. How many of us stress out trying to find the perfect place, going through the booking process, booking your massages (sometimes feeling worse from it) and then the travelling back home to actually rest from the weekend… things like that don’t restore me. If it works for you, then thats brilliant.

Well if those self care experiences are not self care, what exactly is self care? How on earth do you practice it?

Self care is intentionally and deliberatively taking care of your wellbeing through restorative activities. Self care shouldn’t be a temporary activity that you do once just to tick a box.

Self care is simple. It can be as simple as saying some kind words to the person in the mirror. You. Telling yourself you are beautiful just the way you are inside and out.

Here are my top three self care restorative practices in addition to being kind to myself and eating a lot of fruit and vegetables lately…

1. Practicing stillness and silence.
2. Adding in some movement with music
3. Time in nature

Please visit @ dollhauslondon on instagram to view some shared practices of self care from others.

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Why I use essential oils

I Am, an asthmatic…

…so naturally I am prescribed inhalers to help assist my whole respiratory system. I was prescribed inhalers from a very young age, and since I can remember, have never liked them! They make you cough, dry out your throat, not to mention the powdered doses that taste like dried up concrete. In addition to all this, they can increase your heart rate too, leaving you with the shaky shakes!

Now I have been a sporty gal for a long time. I played for the high school basketball team, I did gymnastics in year 5 and 6, and have danced most of my life, including becoming a zumba instructor two years ago; I’ve cycled, played football, run. I even climbed Mount Snowdon in Wales two years ago all alone (1085m)…I did ALL this growing up whilst having ASTHMA.

How? Firstly, I never gave up. I never allowed my condition to stop me from living life. I always gave it my all and never allowed anyone to tell me that I couldnt do something (because most often when they did, I did it anyway!). Secondly, I was using alternative forms of medication which were passed down to me through culture and tradition. I will post a lot of the natural remedies I use soon, but one of the biggest players in all of this has been the use of essential oils.

What are essential oils?

In nature, essential oils are found in roots, stems, leaves, resins, flowers, and rinds of the plant. Essential oils help the plant adapt to its ever-changing environment, protecting against threats and providing beneficial properties. When the plant’s aromatic compounds are distilled for purity, potency, and efficacy, they become a powerful tool for maintaining overall health and wellbeing.

Essential oils can be dated back to Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, and what was known as Persia. Not only can essential oils be used to benefit health, but they can be used to uplift mood and emotion; making them so versatile.

The reason I use them alongside inhalers is because they have a much quicker response time, instantly uplift your mood, and not to mention are so NATURAL!

***Quick essential oil tip for fellow asthmatics*** – Try adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a diffuser in your bedroom a few hours before you go to bed. You will find that your airways will be unblocked and you wont struggle with breathing!

As a Wellness Advocate for doTerra, and a Health & Wellbeing Ambassador in the UK’s National Health Service, I love sharing my passion for essential oils and invite you all to learn more about how essential oils can help you and your family’s health and overall wellness at home.

Do get in touch to find out more about doTerra’s essential oils which I use daily!